Charity, Enrico Murtula
oil on canvas
Filigree buttons
typical of the traditional costume
Traditional dress for everyday life


The Exhibition Itinerary

The rooms of the Palazzo di Città, today headquarters of the City Museum offer the visitor an exhibition itinerary that is divided into two sections. The west wing, which can be entered from corso Vittorio Emanuele II, offers an amenable representation of the places, the memories and the identities of the city. On the ground floor, the “Shape and Image” room proposes a graphic representation of the urban conglomeration within the city walls and a collection of photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries. The upper floors host a didactic room, with historical footage of the Candelieri festival, and a room dedicated to the Candelieri in which one can relive the sights and sounds of this colourful fête. The East Wing of the building, which can be entered from Via Sebastiano Satta, contains exhibitions concerning traditional dress for everyday life in the city and countryside, as well as a room dedicated to the religious nature of the city, with particular reference to the rites of Holy Week and typical folk festivities such as carnival. These two aspects of the city’s traditions are well portrayed in the room by the works of the sculptor Eugenio Tavolara (1901-1963), who made “Procession of the Mysteries” (1928) and “Fancy Dress in Sassari” (1937).