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The aragonese castle Monte d’Accoddi prenuragic village

The museums and culture of Sassari: a single hallmark identifies the main cultural sites and places. The name Thŕmus blends the medieval name of the city, Thatari, and the museum circuit, embedding within its six letters the identity, culture and history of Sassari. The logo reproduces the decoration on the ceiling of the foyer of the Palazzo di Cittŕ theatre, home to the City Museum. This is where the life, traditions, architecture and history of the city are best represented by way of a permanent display of a collection of finds, documents, objects and works of art. Other parts of the Museum include Palazzo della Frumentaria and the sections of Palazzo Ducale called “The Duke’s rooms and cellars”. The Thŕmus cultural network invites the visitor to set off on an itinerary that, besides the City Museum, also includes Palazzo Ducale, the Aragonese Castle with its barbican, the elegant buildings of Palazzo dell’Insinuazione, Palazzo d’Usini, and Palazzo dell’Infermeria San Pietro, the Rosello fountain, and beyond the city limits, the archaeological area of Monte d’Accoddi and the domus de janas rock-cut tombs in Montalč (Li Punti).













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