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The municipal territory of Sassari largely corresponds to the Nurra region, in the north-western corner of Sardinia, the boundaries of which coincide with the Alghero-Sassari-Porto Torres road network and the coastline stretching from Porto Torres to Alghero.

The word Nurra probably comes from the Roman town of Nure, originally lying halfway between the Roman colony of Turris (Porto Torres) and the present town of Alghero. It is an area of great natural interest and its landscape is rich and varied: plain and hilly areas alternate in the central part and along the northern coast, while on the west coast the land is higher with majestic cliffs overlooking the sea. T

he Nurra boasts a wide variety of environments where water is the recurrent element; environmental and natural resources are characterized by the presence of different kinds of water: marine, brackish and freshwater determining high levels of biodiversity. Coastal lagoons and ponds have a major influence on the environmental resources of the municipal territory of Sassari.

The brackish-water Stagno di Pilo and Lake Baratz are nature reserves of great interest, playing host to a wide variety of bird species. The marine environment, both along the shore and in the sea, is host to a multitude of life forms and this rich biodiversity makes the Nurra one of the most important ecosystems in the Mediterranean basin.

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